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A Good Birth Class...
As birth educators we want to provide the very best and updated information for new parents.

Ideally birth educators should have the information to help you navigate your way through the labor and delivery experience.  A birth educator should be sensitive to your vision of your birth experience while at the same time providing a sensible view of what to expect in a particular setting. To do this the educator ought to understand the inner workings of hospital based labor and delivery standards of care, policies and procedure.
I am a practicing labor and delivery nurse trained at UCLA in normal and high-risk labor and delivery. I have practiced labor nursing for 22 years and my years in the labor has provided me with the hands on experience which I will pass on to you. 

A Good Birth Class Should:

  • Help you understand how hospital births operate.
  • Facilitate the creation of a birth plan that is realistic and open-minded.
  • Help you communicate with your doctor. 
  • Give you a thorough picture of ways to minimize extensive intervention.
  • Cover all areas of labor and delivery including the mechanics of labor, labor stages, pain control, interventions and Cesarean Birth.
  • Give you time in class to practice relaxation techniques such as massage, labor positions, floor work and birth ball techniques. You should be able have your instructor show you these methods and practice birth-ball techniques yourself during class. 
  • Give you suggestions that will help you find the  Doula if you choose to use one.
  • Suggest ways to write a birth plan.

Birth Educators Should Not:

  • Create fear of birthing in the hospital setting
  • Create a barrier between you and your doctor or hospital staff.
  • Give you Birth Plan suggestions that are improbable.
  • Pass judgment on those who plan on pain control options such as epidurals but suggest ways to use these choices to the best advantage.  

And above Birth Class should be interesting and fun!

I look forward to helping you have the best birth experience possible!