To Students:
  • There is a $25.00 non refundable registration fee.
  • Class starts promptly on time so please arrive a few minutes early to gather materials, use the facilities and take a seat.
  • I keep the classroom cool for the mommies so bring a light sweater/jacket.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothes and avoid dresses please.
Providence Saint Johns Health Center now offers Nitrous Oxide as a pain control option in labor. Click Here

Private Birth Education Options

To register for a "Private Birth Class", contact
Then, submit payment.

Or print and mail with payment the "Private Birth Class Registration Form".

Private Labor and Birth class:
Liz will bring a materials to your home including teaching DVD's, charts and models. Private classes can be scheduled for one or two sessions.

Liz offers hourly consultations for those preferring a question and answer session rather than a formal class:
One hour minimum, Fee $75.00

Private class fees for Birth Education
with Liz

Private Birth Education refresher course: 3 hours
At Birth And Beyond
Private Home

Prepared Childbirth Education
Full Class- Birth and Beyond:
2 sessions - (6 hours total)
Full Session-Two classes-Private home:
(6 hours total)

Prepared Childbirth Education
Birth Basics Crash Course

Birth and Beyond:
1 session (3 hours)
Private Home

Private Infant Care class:
1 session (3 hours)
Birth And Beyond
Private Home

Private Cesarean Birth Class
Birth and Beyond
1 session (2.5 hours)
Your home

Birth Education: Two Class Series

Birth Education classes are offered in two formats...

A two class series, which includes two consecutive weekly classes or one all day intensive.
A one class fundamentals course, which is Class 1 of the two part series.

Part l "Birth Basics"

  • Stages of labor-Discussion and Film
  • Pushing and Birth
  • The Placenta
  • The first two hours post partum: The bonding period/breast feeding cues

Part ll How to have a better hospital birth/The birth partner/Circuit Labor comfort measures.

Circuit labor practice:

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP)
  • Birth ball work
  • Comfort positions
  • Techniques for managing "back labor"
  • Labor interventions
  • Cesarean birth

Birth Education Series - Two Class Series
$225 per couple (Group Class)
To register, please first confirm availability by contacting
Select Date
10:00am - 1:30pm
May 4 & 11, 2019
Class Full
August 3 & 10, 2019
Class Full
September 7 & 14, 2019
Class Full
October 5 & 12, 2019
Class Full
November 2 & 9, 2019
9:30am - 5:30pm
All Day Intensive
(hour lunch break)
December 7, 2019
Class Full

Birth Basics: One Class

Birth Basics: Labor, Pain Management and Birth - One Class
$185 per couple (Group Class)
To register, please first confirm availability by contacting

Select Date
10:00am - 1:30pm
November 2, 2019
9:30am - 1:00pm
December 7, 2019
Class Full
About Liz...

I am so very excited to begin my 15th year as owner of Birth And Beyond and so grateful for the many OBs, Midwives, RNs, Doulas and parents referring to me over the years. Thank You! These have been the most fulfilling years of my career and I will continue to bring you the latest up to date information from the most respected research available.

It's important for birth educators to not only understand the mechanics of labor and birth, but to identify with how labor and delivery units function. I have practiced as a labor and delivery RN for 25 years and for that reason I am prepared to help you have a better, more relaxed and informed hospital birth. Additionally we will explore tools to ease birth contractions and focus on the least amount of intervention safely possible. For those who prefer or discover the need for an epidural I will discuss and support this intervention fully. Wear comfy clothes to class, slip off shoes and have something to eat before class (yes, I show a birth film).

Cesarean Section Class

$95.00 per couple
To register for "Cesarean Section", confirm availability by contacting


  • All preoperative instructions including pre admission and what to bring to the hospital.
  • Preparing to breast feed after Cesarean or choosing a formula
  • Finding a pediatrician
  • The pre-operative hours
  • Anesthesia for Cesarean birth (Spinals, Epidurals and General Anesthesia)
  • The Cesarean birth process

After the Cesarean

  • The postoperative hours in the recovery room, hospital policy and protocols.

 Your hospital stay for the next three to four days

  • Couplet care. Understanding the hospital dynamic, newborn nursery and the role of the nurses
  • Pain medication, advancing diet and ambulating
  • Taking advantage of teaching tools before you leave the hospital

Going home

  • Preparing your home for your new baby
  • Taking care of yourself and how to ask for help
  • Nutrition
  • Warning Signs and when to call your Obstetrician
One Class: 9:00am - 11:00am
contact Lizzie to schedule a class


Infant CPR

Instructor: Tony Hill
Contact Tony at:
$85 - fee includes single or couple participation with one set of materials
To register, select your date and click "add to cart"

Available Dates

During the course of the Infant CPR class, you will learn how to prevent an emergency, how to provide rescue breathing, how to perform chest compressions and how to relieve a foreign body airway obstruction.

The class is taught using the guidelines of the American Heart Association. You will receive a booklet detailing the techniques used during infant, child and adult CPR, which can be used later as a reference.

The Infant CPR class is taught using a DVD and live instructor. There is no test given and the emphasis is on practicing on the infant mannequin until you are comfortable with the techniques.

Other topics discussed in the Infant CPR class are baby-proofing your home and how to call 911.

We understand that babies can be discharged from the NICU at the last minute and parents need to complete their CPR class. Birth and Beyond will allow parents in this circumstance to show up to class without advance registration.

One Class: Mondays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Sept 9, 2019
Sept 23, 2019
Oct 7, 2019
Oct 21, 2019
Nov 4, 2019
Nov 18, 2019
Dec 2, 2019
Dec 16, 2019


$85.00 per couple
- printable registration form -
This class will be taught by
Ariel Johnston, CLE or Cheryl K. Baker, CCE, CD, CLE

Contact Cheryl for class availability and registration at:

The Breastfeeding Baby Class is 3 hours long and will cover everything the couple needs to know about getting started and overcoming common problems during the breastfeeding period. ( Yes, partners are encouraged to attend!)

We will talk about how milk is produced, advantages and myths of breastfeeding your baby, and diet. Positions for breastfeeding your baby will be demonstrated and practiced.

We will also review various breastfeeding products and when you may need them. Included will be a review of breast pumps and we will be happy to help you decide what type of pump will work best in your life.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers on breastfeeding your baby.

All Medela breastfeeding products are available at the time of class. Bra fittings can be done after class time or by appointment.

One Class: Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
To register: Print and mail registration form or
Pay online below
April 17, 2019 July 17, 2019 Oct 23, 2019
May 22, 2019 Aug 21, 2019 Nov 20, 2019
June 19, 2019 Sept 18, 2019 Dec 18, 2019


Labor Doula and Post Partum Doula Referrals

Please contact Liz at

Please include your due date in your request.


Pre and Postnatal Massage

Elizabeth Reinstein

Contact Elizabeth at:
(310) 463-7691

Elizabeth Reinstein is a certified massage therapist who specializes in pre and postnatal massage. With over twelve years of experience, she is uniquely qualified to assist women with common discomforts and high-risk needs that include hospital visits and bed rest.

Elizabeth uses a combination of massage techniques (Therapeutic Bodywork, Healing Hot Stone Therapy and Chronic Pain Relief) along with myofascial stretches that help to alleviate the back, hip and leg pain that accompanies the pressures of a growing fetus on the sacroiliac joints. With this extensive training, she combines the soothing touch of massage with the more powerful and technical touch of a physical therapist. Her studio is tranquil and in the neighborhood. Plus, she is a really nice person. Let her help you relax and relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, birth and post delivery.

Call her at (310) 463-7691 or email for more information on how she can help you.

Please call for an appointment

For more Classes, Groups, and Lectures at this location visit: